Fragmented engineering tools and information systems are the primary cause of inefficiencies in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) domain. Our integrated and automated solutions root out these inefficiencies to create a more agile and responsive business environment. Tailor-made to your specific requirements, our solutions simplify work processes accelerating your time to delivery.

System Integration

System Integration

By integrating multiple systems for Engineering, Construction and Procurement, we help streamline complex processes, foster team collaboration and accelerate engineering. Our integration services help standardise procedures, implement effective change management and obtain a unified view of critical data for decision making.


Design Automation

Leverage our services to reduce engineering labour, cost and time. Eliminate negative iterations and create custom engineering designs in hours or minutes instead of days. Harness the power of innovative technologies such as virtual reality and artificial intelligence that will soon revolutionise engineering design.



We turn every engineering challenge into an opportunity for work process improvement. Our experienced consultants provide support for a wide range of needs from requirement analysis, functional design, solution development, integration of legacy systems, data migration, system configuration and maintenance.


Gain an edge over your competitors with solutions that address your specific objectives, priorities and constraints.

Efficient information management is key to engineering work process optimisation. Achieving this efficiency is a challenge for EPC companies and Oil Operators. Data typically resides in legacy systems, diverse databases and third-party applications, making it difficult to communicate changes across engineering disciplines.

Our solutions ensure seamless information management across processes and projects. By interfacing systems for engineering design, information and material management and production, we ensure optimisation of the entire engineering value chain.

Engineering design intelligence

Our solutions ensure:

  • Implementation of best practices
  • Engineering Design Optimisation
  • Elimination of repetitive tasks
  • Data standardisation
  • Change management
  • Risk management
  • Cost optimisation
  • Information reuse
  • Timely deliverables
  • Analysis and reporting


We are experts in building and executing interoperable and automated solutions for EPC and Oil and Gas service companies.

Industry Expertise

We bring with us extensive and in-depth industry knowledge. Our solutions are purpose-built for EPC companies as well as Oil and Gas service companies.

Customised Solutions

We deliver services that address specific pain points and bottlenecks. We work with you closely to identify challenges to come up with the most effective solutions.

Technical Competence

We are technology experts who are guided by best practices in the industry. We help you take technology decisions that serve the best interests of your company.