EDI Technologies
Our client is a highly successful EPC organisation who has grown from handling projects worth a few millions to multi-billion projects in the Oil and Gas Services industry


The client faced several challenges in managing their growing portfolio, given the diversity and complexity of the various projects. The existing commercial software application ecosystem created bottlenecks in execution. The client selected EDI Technologies to partner in their efforts to analyse the problem areas and develop solutions to systemise the processes.


An assessment by EDI Technologies led to the identification of the following problem areas:
  • Client requirements were diverse, so standardisation was difficult
  • A variety of delivery platforms were used for engineering design
  • Multiple applications posed the risk of inconsistency in deliverables
  • High costs were being incurred in operating the applications
  • Issues in application integrity affected company productivity
  • There were many standalone design and operational data systems
  • There was no common platform for joint venture execution


Experts from EDI Technologies invested 4-5 months for deeper assessment. We studied the client’s implementation methods, material management process, information/deliverable exchange approach, workflows and client-stakeholder interaction.

We advised our client to set up a project delivery application platform that can interface with the commercial software applications. This would facilitate data transfer across various project delivery platforms and create outputs as per client/project requirements. The platform would also ensure a standard system irrespective of the differences across projects, thereby ensuring a predictable execution model.

The client accepted our recommendation and decided to set up an engineering design and information management platform that would be purpose-built for the company. EDI was entrusted with the task of platform development with the requisite interfaces with SmartPlant, AVEVA and the client’s legacy systems. The platform developed by EDI Technologies integrates P&ID system, 3D modelling systems, instrumentation/electrical systems and material management system.

EPC Product Delivery Platform-page-003


The platform simplified the work processes as well as the end user experience and provided a cost-effective solution for the client. The development architecture was futuristic as it provides scope for enhancements in line with the client’s growth and strategic initiatives in the future. The implementation was successfully completed within agreed timelines.

“Thanks to EDI Technologies for transforming our work processes. Through their engagement and detailing of the problem areas, they led us to a solution that was right for us. The positive impacts are now seen across change management, work process management, information and knowledge management. The end user experience too has improved tremendously.”