EDI Technologies
Our client is a reputed crane manufacturer and a key player in the original equipment manufacturing industry for over four decades.


The client wanted an automated solution that would increase the efficiency of activities such as cost estimation and report generation and improve the accuracy of the calculations. They were finding it difficult to manage the cost estimation process, which involved a lot of manual work and spreadsheet-based calculations. The client was concerned about the competition they were facing and wanted a solution that would make the company more productive.


We developed a solution that provides quick, consistent and accurate cost estimates for a wide range of cranes manufactured by the client. Users have to enter basic parameters related to zone, capacity, travel length, span, speed, control types and so on, and the solution furnishes detailed cost estimates. Underpinning the solution is an SQL database that stores all the estimate data. This data can be easily retrieved and combined with user inputs for generating accurate bids within minutes. The interface makes the entire process more intuitive and less tedious.


  • Estimate preparation for different classes of cranes
  • Support for protection areas such as Safe Area, Zone1, Zone2
  • Input-based automatic selection of Hoist
  • Automatic and manual girder selection
  • Powerline selection and calculations


The solution removed all hassles associated with determining cost estimates. It automated many of the processes, increasing the speed and efficiency with which bids could be submitted. This also eased the administrative overload for the company. The solution supported competitive bidding through accurate calculations and helped the client cut down unnecessary costs.