Get speedy and consistently accurate estimations with COSTIMATOR-OG, a smart and user-friendly solution from EDI Technologies. COSTIMATOR-OG significantly reduces your Enquiry to Quote time, giving you the agility your business demands. It drives productivity by dramatically reducing the manual effort required to prepare construction estimates.

COSTIMATOR-OG comes with a user-friendly interface that facilitates easy learning and fast adoption. All standard tables and clauses are incorporated in the solution. All you need to do is enter the basic information on the user-friendly interface. Based on the inputs and data drawn from the database, COSTIMATOR-OG calculates and generates detailed estimation within minutes. COSTIMATOR-OG can be easily customised for client-specific requirements.

COSTIMATOR-OG can generate:

  • Detailed cost estimation and quotes
  • Technical specification sheet for each equipment
  • Cost sheet and data sheet
  • Complete purchase orders
  • AutoCAD Drawings


Saves Time

COSTIMATOR-OG drastically reduces your Enquiry-to-Quote time from days to a few minutes.

Automates Estimation

By automating quantity takeoff activities, COSTIMATOR-OG increases your team’s productivity.

Easy to Use

Data storage and retrieval processes are simplified, giving you ready access to data.

Eliminates Errors

You can reduce the risk of costly estimation errors, duplication and time-consuming rework.


You can generate AutoCAD drawings without opening AutoCAD.

Key Features

Currency Options

Generates quotes in multiple currencies

User-friendly Interface

Simplifies navigation with an intuitive interface

Accurate Calculations

Enables local fabrication calculations

Online Support

Offers online access for anywhere, anytime use

Highly Customisable

Supports special features and custom entries

Proven Technologies

Combines .NET platform and MS SQL Server

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