ENNOVATE-OG is an integrated solution for engineering design. It connects multiple applications and integrates diverse process flows into one seamless data stream, ensuring that decisions at every stage of engineering design and validation are truly information driven.

Data Integration

Integrates data from multiple engineering divisions and databases to provide a real-time and consistent view of data.

Change Management

Helps manage design changes through revision control. The design changes are automatically reflected downstream.

Design Automation

Automates repeated design tasks and reduces negative design iterations considerably saving costs and man hours.

Report Generation

Generates accurate Bill of Materials, Material Take Off, engineering drawings, reports and other project deliverables.

With ENNOVATE-OG, you can optimise design engineering and implement best practices. Leverage ENNOVATE-OG to maximise efficiency, minimise costs, fast track projects and achieve operational excellence.


ENNOVATE-OG is designed to fulfil the unique requirements of Engineering Procurement and Construction companies that operate in the Oil and Gas sector. It ensures design integrity, quality and change management and meets other critical requisites of oil operating companies.


Generates standards-based outputs facilitating smooth handover.


Reduces cost through design reuse and reduction in expensive re-engineering.


Automatically updates project deliverables as changes are made to data.


Integrates with all third-party databases and modelling tools.


Allows customisation according to end-user requirements.


Drives productivity with a user-friendly interface.

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