Facts Computer Software House, headquartered in Dubai, is a top provider of world-class business management solutions and services. It has high accreditation alliances with industry leaders and highly reputed clients in the corporate, aviation, hospitality, engineering and construction, trading and retail industries. The company specialises in custom Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Human Resource solutions and e-business suites. With over 300 clients and 1000 successful implementations, Facts Computer Software House is easily one of the leading software companies in the Middle East.

A global product development and consulting company, QBurst has a large service portfolio that encompasses Mobile and Web development, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, UX Design, DevOps and Testing. The company has been recognised by Deloitte as one of the fastest growing technology companies in India and Asia Pacific. QBurst partners with industry giants including Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Amazon and Adobe to deliver better solutions and services for clients. With over 650 successfully executed projects to its credit, QBurst has earned the reputation of a cost-effective high-end service provider.